What is macrame? Discover the story behind this art

What is Macrame?How are Macrame jewelry made? Macrame jewelry is a relatively recent fashion, but the same is not true for the art of macrame in general. Before you read the story about macrame art, let me tell you that macrame is something that is made with different type of cords and only with our hands. To be more specific, we do not use needles and the only tool is our fingers!

The history of this art starts from the 13th century, most likely. There is a myth that it may begin even earlier but I will tell you about the 13th century version, even so, it is a magical story by itself!! According to the first reports, Arab weavers begin to use knots at the endings of towels and handkerchiefs. This is the perfect way to “secure” the fabric, cause you add more beauty to an already work of art.

The second version brings to my mind fairytale images and magical music by Alkinoos Ioannidis (Greek artis-musician). In this case, special knots are used for the first time on camel saddles to repel flies. This thought makes me imagine colorful fabrics with beautiful macrame knots, oriental music and perfumes.

Thereafter, this art becomes known to sailors. How much beauty there is in this fact. Whole months inside a ship, they have the time and the need to deal with art and since they are already familiar with the knots, they start to create macrame artworks. You may understand the power that sailors have traveling the world and selling their art in every port. I am thinking of it and I sail with them for new adventures, to share my macrame jewels and gain new experiences.  Wait a minute, I am daydreaming again!

Next stop: Spain! The Moors passing through Spain introduce the art of macrame to Europe. We are already in 17th century and the Queen of England teaches her followers how to macrame.

At the beginning of 20th century, the reputation of macrame is no longer so popular, but we all go through a stagnant period before we grow! And that is true cause I’ve been there. Then, in the 1970s, macrame makes a strong comeback and everything is made with this technique. After this decay, another period of decline is coming.

This brings us to today. Μore and more artists are experimenting with macrame. Nowadays, you can find macrame clothes and shoes, curtains and tablecloths, hats and toys and finally decorations and jewelry.

Fashion is recycled and at some point, the enthusiasm for macrame jewelry may disappear again. The only thing that is certain is that it will always return, it will evolve and personally I will always prefer it!!