How to take care of your macrame jewelry

Macrame jewelry are made by waxed cord that is waterproof. Ι use semiprecious stones, stainless steel parts, glass beads and other resistant materials. However, its repeated and prolonged use in water is not recommended as it may cause the cords to loosen their shape. Even natural stones can be affected by water or sun, and some kinds of stones may be sensitive to scratches. 

How to take care your macrame jewelry:

  1. Remove your macrame jewelry in the shower and in the sea. If needed, you can rinse it briefly with plain water. Ιf necessary, use some mild soap (only occasionally).
  2. Take off your jewelry when sleeping. Like clothes, macrame jewelry can loosen threads.
  3. Put your jewel on and take it off gently, avoid pulling it for the above reasons.
  4. When not wearing your macrame, place it inside its pouch, so it won't get dusty. Then try to place it in a dry and stable place.

In this way you have a treasure that last forever!!