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About me and this shop

Hello everyone, my name is Kalliopi. I am 24 years old.  I live in Greece and I started making macrame jewelry when I was in college. Through the years I had many dreams, to be a pastry chef, a chemical engineer and an environmental geneticist. When I finally graduated (I eventually studied Forestry), I realized that I always wanted to make art and live a quiet life close to nature. As a person with a lot of stress, I feel that making macrame jewelry is the ideal profession for me. Moreover I really love it and  it's also relaxing. 

When I was young, I believed in fairies and magical creatures. Now I really feel that all of us, the  artists, those who receiving art are the magical creatures of the earth. I am trying to make everyone feel this way with my jewelries that are inspired mainly by nature. I am also inspired by fairytales and whatever has strong energy around me. Sometimes I just close my eyes and designs come straight out of my imagination.

You would be reading for hours If I continue to describe my feelings when I knit or chronicle my journey up to this point in my life. That may be great actually… let me do this gradually in my blog!! For now, you can visit my blog to read about semiprecious stones.

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As for this e shop: Lucky me, my family and my boyfriend supported this idea and give me immensely courage. I do not live so close to nature yet, but the dream to live from what I love to do comes true with this e shop. So welcome to my magic world!!

*Important information: this is one woman business. I do everything on my own and sometimes I receive a little help from beloved friends and my boyfriend. Ok, my boyfriend may help a lot… all this e shop is made by him <3