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Rose Quartz: Symbol of pure love

Rose Quartz: Symbol of pure love. Rose Quartz is a relatively common stone but it is mentioned for its crystalline properties since ancient times. It was and remains a symbol of pure love and romance. Some call it the stone of the heart.

Rose Quartz stone

Rose Quartz is connected with the heart in many levels. The stone brings harmony to the heart and it is our teacher in true love, forgiveness and acceptance. It also enhances human empathy. With a Rose Quartz, you can attract romance in love and establish a faithful relationship. Beyond love, it also attracts loyal friends into your life. The energy of the stone passes through the heart and reaches the mind, cleansing it and opening new horizons. Heals the wounds of the heart and leads you to love yourself. Quartz is a very optimistic stone, which radiates joy, cheerfulness and creates a creative aura.

The protection of Love

Through the true love of parents, the energy of this stone protects newborns and childhood. It also protects the parents during the middle age from depression. A proper use of the stone relieves internalized pain and heals inner wounds by shedding emotional habits you no longer need. It fills the emotional void by teaching you to love yourself. If you have never been loved, it opens your aura and you will become more receptive to the love that exists around you. A Rose Quartz offers comfort if you have lost love but its priority is to love yourself. Only then you are ready to receive love from others. When you have a Quartz on you, a protective barrier is created against geopathic stress.

More properties and use

As a stone with pure energy, Rose Quartz strengthens confidence and is particularly useful when dealing with crises. It is not by chance the Rose Quartz a symbol of pure love. It helps the divinatory processes when it comes to love. Replace negative energy with vibrations of love. Since the stone is closely connected to the heart, all its energy goes through there first. So, it is more beneficial to have your stone near the heart. The best way to accomplish this is wearing a Rose Quarts pendant. Here is a suggetion for Rose Quartz jewelry.

Signs that are connected most with Amethyst stone:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

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