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Red Jasper: Gem of antiquity with powerful forces

Red jasper: gem of antiquity with powerful forces. Jasper is considered mother of the stones. There are many references to this gem in Christianity but also in Egyptian antiquity. In the 11th century, they believed that jasper has the ability to attract snake venom and thus remove it from the body. Well, it's probably not a coincidence that the pharaoh Nehepsos had a jasper amulet in the shape of a snake. It is noteworthy that jasper jewelry survived the eruption of Vesuvius and was recovered from the ashes of Pompeii and El Colorado.

Red jasper stone in tear drop cabochon
Uses and properties

Jasper is an earth stone, so farmers and Indians used it a lot. Specifically, the previous ones mainly used the green jasper to call the rain. Τhe stone, however, simultaneously protects crops from hail and natural disasters.

Wealth and luck are attracted to a jasper. Αs a stone of empowerment, it gives health and well-being, brings balance, longevity and enhances beauty. Jasper is a stone that loves completion. For this reason, it offers strength, patience and perseverance to complete a task that encounters obstacles or to resolve unfair situations. Ιn this way it smoothly closes a circle and starts a new one.

As you can see, Jasper has powerful forces and of different kind ones. As it attracts the poison of the snake, it also attracts passion, courage and brings out your talents.

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Especially the red jasper, protects the woman and all gynecological functions. In addition, it offers strong grounding while simultaneously contributing to extraterrestrial communication. It is an important element of Feng Shui and harmonizes yin and yan. It calms you down and clears aura.

Signs that are connected most with Amethyst stone:

 Taurus, Libra

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