Semiprecious Stones

Obsidian: The hidden Protector Of Sesnitive People

Obsidian: The hidden Protector Of Sensitive People. Black obsidian connects with the past and helps to clarify the obstacles it brings us. Ιt is the appropriate stone to strengthen your prophetic and telepathic abilities

This stone is generally a protective stone. Kind people feel a deeper connection with obsidian that strengthens them with patience and endows them with endurance. Have always an obsidian with precious stuff, it protects and attracts wealth.

In addition to being protective, it is also a stone that has the power to clarify. Clears the mind to expand awareness, release dark emotions and obstacles. Sometimes it may bring you in front of your dark side but it also gives you the power to accept this part of yourself. That means Obsidian frees you from social norms.

If you want to evolve in a better version of yourself and release your subconscious put the obsidian in your life. If you are a doctor, an obsidian can help you in the diagnosis of diseases. If you suffer from diseases related to the blood obsidian will offer you its beneficial properties.

Joint pains and cramps are relieved, hemostatic pressure and poor blood circulation can benefit with protection from obsidian during treatments.

One of obsidian’s physical properties is the thermal property. Try a hot stone massage with obsidian to let all its energy enter your body. This is the most enjoyable way for you to let the stones remove all the toxins and stimulate your skin and your eyes. Discover all obsidian jewelry in my shop.

Signs that have closer connection with obsidians: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra (Brown Obsidian), Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius (Blue Obsidian).

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