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Larvikite: The Astral Journey That Will Set You Free

Larvikite: The astral journey that will set you free. The traveler’s protective charm. Larvikite is also known as the black moonstone but is has nothing in common with moonstone. Many people believe that it is a black labradorite as well. Βut even then, these two rocks are different from each other. Despite all this, larvikite has very beautiful blue flashes reminiscent of labradorite.

This is the national stone of Norway, and it took its name from the city where the stone first discovered, Larvik.

Larvikite, an astral stone


Travelers used larvikite charms as they believed that it protects them during a trip. Many also believe that it has the power to protect constantly, as even during our sleep. It expels all kinds of negative energy and influence. If something distracts you from your goal, a larvikite will release energy blockages. It keeps grounded to cope with even the most difficult situations.


Αmong others, larvikite is a stone that connects the past with the present. However, this stone connects these times directly. Specifically, it helps us identify the intervening events that affect a present state. Then it helps us to overcome the obstacle that the past poses for us. In the case it is something positive, the stone use the connection to complete the present situation.

Larvikite is also a clairvoyant stone. If appearances are deceiving, it helps us see beyond appearances. Along the same path, it increases our concentration as well as our confidence in our abilities.

Moreover, it affects mental clarity and keeps away stress and pressure. In fact, it is a very good help for those who make decisions on a casual basis. It achieves this by strengthening patience until the appropriate moment for a decision.

Crystal energy

Αre you a meditation person? A larvikite is useful for connecting you with mother earth. During your meditation larvikite will enhance your insight and release your psychic gifts. Through this process the higher wisdom will give you the answers you need. For the above reasons. Larvikite is the ideal companion during your astral travels.

Technical use

The best way to use a Larvikite is to wear it. Take a look of this moon Larvikite jewelry in my shop. If you own a piece of this stone make sure to use it during meditation.


Base/Root chakra

Signs that are connected most with Amethyst stone:

Virgo, Aquarius

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