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K2 Jasper: Discover The Big Mystery Of The Stone

K2 Jasper: Discover the big mystery of the stone and its properties. In fact, a K2 Jasper is not a Jasper but a mix of Granite and Azurite. Yes, you are right. These blue spots are Azurite.


K2 Jasper stone in oval cabochon

Most people, who see the stone, think that the blue spots are ink. But they are actually a natural stone. Something else that makes the K2 Jasper so special is that Azurite rarely forms an association with Granite. In my shop you can find some jewelry with K2 Jasper that captivates the eyes. Take a look here.

Next,  you will find some information about K2 Jasper's properties. As a matter of fact, the stone has the properties of the Granite.


K2 jasper attracts balance. Especially in team work, it helps to maintain the balance and strengthen the bonds in the group. It charms the abundance, mainly the economy one. The stone connects you with diplomacy and tact in serious situation. All the above makes the stone a perfect bussines charm.

Some people could say that this is a stone that brings wisdom. That's because it helps you distinguist the objective opinion from the personal one and be responible. In addition to that, K2 Jasper enhances the practical thoughts and actions.

Protection and Healing

Generally, K2 Jasper is a protective stone. It protects against feelings of rejection and overthinking. The stone, thus, rewards with protection those who make bold decisions, as well as the children who are unaware of danger.

It strengthens soft tissues, bones, muscles and hair. Futhermore it fights acne and brings radiarnce to the skin. Last but not least, K2 Jasper is a real balm for those who suffer from headaches.


Third eye and Throat.

Signs that are connected most with Amethyst stone:

Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces.

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