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Aventurine: Gain a Divine amulet, adventure emblem and Guardian Angel

Aventurine: A Divine amulet, adventure symbol & Guardian Angel. In ancient China, the imperial seal was carved into an aventurine stone. So, it is considered a Guardian Angel.

Aventurine stone

Even if Aventurine is a quite common stone, it is one of the most useful stones that you can have. It is the master of luck and especially for the lucky games. Moreover, the stone brings happiness, optimism and balance. Ιt is a stone that revitalizes and enhances creativity. Wearing an aventurine you can draw persistence and comfort. As an imperial stone it strengthens determination and those with leadership tendencies. Many use it to challenge flirt and love adventures. In contrast to the above, it can also offer calmness and intelligence, something that makes it the perfect stone for speakers. Aventurine can also act as a protective stone.

Protective properties

As said above, Aventurine is a divine amulet, an adventure symbol and a Guardian angel. It mostly protects you from earthy energy.  Specifically, use the aventurine as an energy fence to protect yourself from geopathic stress and earthly enemies. It can clean your environment by absorbing the electromagnetic cloud. After all, it is very useful in converting negative energy into positive.

Healing properties

Aventurine is a particularly healing and relaxing stone, both for the psyche and the body. Αs far as psychology is concerned, it calms and balances the spirit. Ιt also helps to neutralize repressed emotions. Αs far as the body is concerned, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it works against headaches caused by stress. It protects against heart and blood pressure disorders. The stone helps to treat allergies and cellulite while boosting metabolism.

Green Vs Blue Aventurine

For the Green aventurine, all the above applies. Blue aventurine mainly has properties related to spirit and mental health. Take a look here for Macramelfin's Green aventurine jewelry.


Heart Chakra

Signs that are connected most with Aventurine stone:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius

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