Semiprecious Stones

Angelite: The stone of the Higher Kingdoms

Angelite is the stone of the higher kingdoms and perfect for the artists. It has really an angelic light blue color, so smooth that makes you see the paradise.

Angelite stone in tear drop cabochon

It was used from people to take answers from the Gods, with the gaudiness of the wise. Hold an angelite stone to come into contact with the higher realms.

If you are an artist this is your stone. Angelite will boost your creativity when you need it, empower your soul and bring it into balance with your body. It is a stone that protects and further all arts.

As an angelic stone, it contributes to the acceptance of the physical body and protects it. Angelite also protects the environment. It also protects the environment and is a shield against metaphysical communication and communication with the angelic realm.

Angelite promotes truth, heightens awareness and understanding while enhancing compassion and making you more tolerant in situations when your fellow man really needs it. Angelite brings peace and calm.

Let Angelitis accompany you in your psychotherapy and lead you on new spiritual paths. It relieves mental pain and helps you feel fulfilled. Through the therapy guides you to rebirth.

Ιt is also a stone of balance. It helps you get back on your feet and enter new energy paths, balances the thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as body fluids. As a stone of balance, it helps you take control of your weight, whether it's related to pounds or strength.

Signs that are closer connected with Angelite: Aquarius, Pisces

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