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Amethyst: Gem of love^ friendship and peace

Amethyst: Gem of love^ friendship and peace. It is a common knowledge that the name amethistos means one who does not get drunk. In ancient times, they used glasses or wore some kind of amethyst accessory when they drank alcohol to avoid getting drunk. But when they said that it protects against drunkenness, also meant the drunkenness of witchcraft.

Amethyst stone
Value of Amethyst

Something that you probably do not know about Amethyst stone is that archeologists found gems in graves as old as 25,000 years. In fact, they were once particularly valuable, rare and of great economic value. Then somebody discovered the huge deposits of South, and the price of amethyst fell.

Uses and properties

One of the stones that Egyptians used to have as amulets was the amethyst. The last one was also very widespread in the kingdom of England during the Middle Ages, where nobles used it abundantly in decoration. Amethyst is the protective stone of marriage. Many people use the stone to ensure marital fidelity or to engender the purest form of love. This beautiful purple stone offers sobriety in all areas, not just drunkenness. It can attract wealth and health and enhances creativity, courage, self-esteem and creativity. It also connects to visualization, as well as to intuition and balances body and spirit. Amethyst therefore protects against all addictions, besides alcohol and purifies negative emotions, dispelling anger and fear. A piece of it keeps you away from geopathies and reflects radiation away from you. Farmers and fishermen have it as a protective stone.

You can offer your spirit and your body peace by wearing an amethyst jewelry. It is a particularly spiritual stone that helps with daily spiritual tasks and processes. Put a piece of amethyst under your pillow to chase away nightmares and insomnia, or wear an amethyst to treat sleepiness. Amethyst is a gift for those who suffer from headaches, and in general from pains mainly of the face and head. Besides, Amethyst is the gem of love^ friendship and peace.

Signs that are connected most with Amethyst stone:

Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

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